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Students should improve their skills to gain a competitive edge. In the current work environment, particularly in Kolkata, proficiency in digital marketing increases employability.Ready to stand out in Kolkata’s competitive job market? Elevate your employability with our digital marketing courses. Take charge of your career success today!

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Join a recognized digital marketing Institute like ours to improve employment prospects, adapt to shifting industries, and accelerate career progression in a challenging job market.

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Sign up for a digital marketing course that will help you polish your skills, increase your job security, allow flexibility in work, and open doors for a wider career opportunity.


Digital marketing helps you stay competitive in the industry, adapt to market change, and grow your business which helps in generating leads and improving conversion rates.

Popular Courses


Level 1

Digital Marketing for Beginners

6 Months of Training


₹35,000 + 18% GST


Level 1 + Level 2

Advanced Digital Marketing

9 Months of Training


₹55,000 + 18% GST


Level 1 + Level 2 + Level 3

Ultimate Digital Marketing Mastery

12 Months of Training


₹85,000 + 18% GST